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More X-Files Season 10 News


I like this idea, though William B. Davis must be about 75 by now. I was worried I'd find out he'd passed away and I hadn't known.


X-Files Reboot?


I'm hopeful - hopefully it won't end up ruining things and they'll just pick things up from where the last movie left off. They might render the recent comic books as non-canon, and they need to get David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back.

I can imagine Robert Patrick not doing it as I seem to imagine him being busy with other things, but if none of them are around I can imagine the stars being Reyes and someone else and it would feel weird.

Fingers crossed - I've dreamt for years that this became a reality.
I've been meaning to post about Gillian Anderson's role in the new BBC drama, The Fall, which is a psychological thriller where she plays a detective.

She's really good in the role, and the show is really creepy at times so I would recommend it to anyone who's not started watching it yet.

Monster of the Week

These are quite funny; I'll be checking the site regularly for updates! The person writing them makes some good observations and I hope they do all 201 episodes (and the movies).

Episode 1X01: Pilot

Episode 1X02: Deep Throat

Episode 1X03: Squeeze

New Role for Gillian Anderson

The Crimson Petal and the White

Gillian Anderson plays a nasty prostitute's madam, so sounds similar to her role in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Random Funny Stuff in Episodes

Post any random stuff in episodes of the X Files and Millennium that makes you smile!

I watched Three Words tonight and noticed:

1) When Doggett is being held hostage and he shows the guard his ID, he holds it upside down.
2) One of the folders shown on the desktop when Mulder is hacking into the system near the end is labelled "BONKERS, BEV".
David Duchovny turns 50 today. Happy birthday to him!